Zambia mining industry tax regimes stakeholder dialogue

Zambia Mining for Development Alumni (ZAM4D), with support from IM4DC will hold a one-day stakeholder dialogue on 30 June in Kitwe, Zambia.

In 2015, Zambia proposed a new mining tax which investors perceived as being unfriendly. The new government has since repealed this mining tax, however there are still mixed feelings especially from investors claiming that it may generate sustainability challenges to the mining sector given the high cost of production. The government on the other hand claims that a single tier mineral royalty tax is straightforward and easier to administer unlike the corporate income tax which has risks associated with tax avoidance. In the midst of this debate, civil society organisations are advocating for transparency of mineral revenue receipts and government expenditures.

In order to promote dialogue and create a platform for exchange of ideas for all on this contentious issue, the one-day stakeholder dialogue will be held to deliberate on the mining tax regime.

Representatives from mining companies, government, academia and civil society have been invited to speak on the theme ‘2015 Zambian mining industry tax regimes – implications on the operations and development of the sector in Zambia’.

IM4DC Alumni Coordinator, Dr Muza Gondwe, will facilitate the dialogue.

ZAM4D was officially launched in December 2014 and aims to see notable, sustained and equitable economic development in Zambia brought about by maximised benefits from a sustainable mining for extractive industry in the country. ZAM4D was established by alumni of IM4DC and alumni of other Australian-funded mining governance capacity-building programs to provide a platform for ongoing discussions between Zambians from government, universities, civil society and industry to enhance governance of mining in Zambia.