US engagement in the Asia-Pacific Region

Us engagement in the Asia-Pacific Region

The University of Western Australia’s Perth US Asia Centre and In The Zone initiative hosted visiting speaker Brad Glosserman, Executive Director, Pacific Forum Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) at a high-level roundtable on 15 August 2013 and a masterclass with the University’s Fogarty Foundation scholars the following day. 

Mr Glosserman spoke extensively about the US rebalance to Asia, a foreign policy initiative designed to capitalise on the increasing vitality, energy and centrality of the Asian region to world affairs and to underpin a reconfiguration of US power that reflects the changing power dynamics of the world today.

He explained the rebalance as an intellectual framework for the US to better engage with the world, a soft diplomacy initiative recognising the rapid increase of non-state actors on the global stage and the need to engage beyond government to government interests with a range of business and civil society partners to solve pressing global problems laterally. 

Brad also emphasised the importance of bringing diversity to the decision making table through the inclusion of young people and finding ways to tap their abilities and their often unique approaches to problem solving. 

Brad Glosserman’s presentations from the roundtable can be viewed at: