IM4DC Publications share information that informs key stakeholders about leading practices in converting mineral and energy endowments into sustainable development outcomes.

The Action Research program also results in publications that include outcomes reports, plus academic and conference papers. Further information on these can be viewed here

In addition, IM4DC has also supported a number of specific contributions available below.

How to improve mining tax administration and collection frameworks – Published by the World Bank and the Centre for Exploration Targeting

This sourcebook is designed to provide a structured approach to help ministries in charge of finance and mines to analyse and identify ways to address challenges linked with mining tax administration. It suggests ways to address challenges linked with mining tax administration. It suggests ways to approach some forward-looking policies and practices to drive compliance of mineral payments and equity while maintaining investment attractiveness.

While the sourcebook does not address oil and gas specifically, its content is to a large extent also applicable to these industries.

Getting to the table – Originally published in the Spring 2014 Issue of Americas Quarterly

Mining is a lot more than complex technology, logistics and finance. While mineral extraction does require an amazing array of machinery, computers, and processes for transporting and treating the materials, it is just as much a social project that is negotiated and conducted within a social context.

And just as the technological challenges require qualified engineers, geologists and other specialists, the social aspects of mining demand skilled, sophisticated experts who can lay the foundations for productive dialogue between communities, governments and project proponents.