Openly accessible and transparent information on potential mineral resources support a country’s government, communities and people to manage these resources for their development outcomes.

In this way, IM4DC has developed an open-access regional geoscience and geographic database IM4DC OpenData for West Central Africa and Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia as part of its Action Research Program.

The purpose-built open access online system will provide key stakeholders with access to geodata from across Central Africa.

Data on five key themes can be accessed by researchers, analysts and policymakers worldwide:

  • Geographic base data
  • Geoscientific information
  • Geophysical and remote sensing data
  • Tectonics
  • Mineralising systems.

The platform will function as a central hub for data-sharing with international development partners.

IM4DC OpenData will enable stakeholders to download map-based information about geology, natural resources, geography and infrastructure here

Supplementing OpenData are the following Action Research reports: A GIS-Based Exploration Initiative to Help Steer Sustainable Development: A Pilot Project for Indonesia and A GIS-Based Mineral Prospectivity Analysis of Central Africa