Occupational Health and Safety Management short course

In November, the IM4DC is presenting a four week short course on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management in the resources sector. The course runs from 19 November to 14 December 2012 in Perth, Australia.

The program involves 18 participants from governments and academic institutions from ten countries. This course provides an overview of the nature and management of occupational health and safety in the resources sector, focusing on the technical and regulatory aspects of OHS as well as the driving cultural change within industry and organisations. It addresses OHS systems, teamwork and communication, hazards and risks, emergency planning and responses, regulatory frameworks, ergonomics, and safety leadership and culture.

The primary aims of the program are to have participants:

  • Understand principles of occupational health and safety
  • Understand the broad legal context for safety, regulatory environments and relevant frameworks
  • Understand the role of leadership in process safety and managing safety
  • Understand the nature and development of safety culture

A strong emphasis will be placed on exploring different practical approaches to managing health and safety and providing opportunities to build ongoing relationships and support networks.

The course is aimed at senior regulators with OHS accountability in the resources industry and academics with an OHS mining focus.

The program integrates coursework with field trips to mine sites, as well as to an Emergency Response Training Centre. Classroom based activities, guest presentations and case studies are presented to the group throughout the program and a review and planning workshop will be held to identify follow-up activities for participants to apply in their own contexts.

Participants will deliver a brief presentation to the group on OHS safety and legislation in their country and develop a plan for further activity beyond the program. Following a course, group participants are encouraged to participate in the IM4DC’s online virtual community of practice where they will be able to collaborate to extend the course into ongoing sharing of experiences and continual learning.