Mining for development practitioners heading to Perth

Building knowledge and capacity to enable sharing of benefits from development of minerals and energy resources is the focus of the Mining for Development Conference being held in Perth at the end of April.

Hosted by IM4DC at The University of Western Australia, the conference will focus discussions around the key theme of ‘Shared goals – realising benefits’ and explore strategies to work together across geographical, cultural and sectoral boundaries to maximise benefits to communities in resource-rich developing nations.

The conference will feature international speakers from governments, NGOs, industry and the private sector including ministerial representatives from Uganda, Papua New Guinea and the Commissioner for Trade and Industry of the African Union.

Participants from resource-rich developing countries will join international and Australian experts to share experiences in implementing strategies for maximising and sharing the benefits that can flow from mining.

Speakers include: Joanne Farrell, Global Head of Health, Environment Safety and Communities, Rio Tinto; Hon Joe Sungi, Vice Minister for Inter-Government Relations and Member of Parliament for Nuku Open in Papua New Guinea; Indonesian based Natural Resource Governance Institute Asia Pacific Director, Jelson Garcia; Executive General Manager, Stakeholder Relations, MMG Limited, Troy Hey; Founder of Women in Mining and Resource WA and National Lead, Mining Performance, KPMG, Sabina Shugg; Deputy Director General, Strategic Policy Department of Mines and Petroleum, Michelle Andrews; and Chair of Australian Indigenous Studies, The University of Melbourne, Professor Marcia Langton.

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The Mining for Development Conference 2015 will be held on 30 April. It will be preceded by the IM4DC Alumni Forum on 29 April and followed by UWA’s In the Zone conference on 1 May