Mines inspector curriculum design for Indonesia

Following the workshop on mines inspector competencies in health, safety and environment in Bandung, Indonesia in early May 2014, a group of five staff from the Education and Training Centre for Minerals and Coal in Bandung and one senior mines inspector from the Ministry in Jakarta visited Brisbane, Australia to continue the development and refinement of a modified curriculum for mines inspector training.

The focus of the week was on re-organisation of the material relating to Environmental Management and Inspection, and review of several e-learning approaches. 

The group also visited the Queensland Government’s SIMTARS training centre, and had the opportunity to discuss training approaches with senior inspectorate staff. 

Further work is now being done in Bandung, Indonesia at the Education and Training Centre for Minerals and Coal to develop detailed curriculum across the full range of competencies.

IM4DC is continuing to work with the Training Centre in the refinement of existing material, and the development of new material focusing on advanced competencies for senior inspectors.