Message from the Director – farewell from IM4DC

The International Mining for Development Centre (IM4DC) finishes its activities on 30 June at the end of its grant agreement, after three years and eight months of intense activity. The Alumni Network continues under The University of Western Australia and The University of Queensland auspices, supported by the Australian Government.

IM4DC is proud to have engaged with 2726 participants from 789 institutions in 61 countries over 102 short courses and workshops, collaborative research and institutional capacity-building projects, and fellowships. More than 1600 Alumni are registered with the unique M4DLink on-line community of practice. Over 300 delivery partners have worked with IM4DC globally, including universities, government bodies, NGOs, and mining and services companies and industry bodies.

Research into IM4DC impact is measuring positive outcomes from capacity-building in resources governance. This is innovative and highly effective development assistance that is targeted at supporting developing countries to achieve strong and inclusive economic growth. It also helps to enhance Australia’s reputation as a global leader in all aspects of resources development, including governance. IM4DC has operated with the financial support of the Australian Government. We believe that the future will show how worthwhile this investment has been.

IM4DC’s achievements would not have been possible without the active support of many organisations and individuals in Australia and globally. On behalf of the IM4DC team and our Alumni, thank you – to the education and training schools and centres that have underpinned delivery of activities; to all of the government agencies that have freely shared their expertise; to the many mining and services companies that have provided lecturers and hosted site visits; to Australian and international NGOs and business associations that have partnered with IM4DC; and to our many partner country institutions that have so enthusiastically participated in IM4DC activities.

Thanks also go to the IM4DC secretariat team who have worked hard and enthusiastically to present activities around the world, and to the IM4DC Management Board which has guided us on the journey.

It is IM4DC’s wonderful Alumni who have inspired engagement by all of our delivery partners. The effectiveness of Alumni in making change to minerals and energy governance will determine the ultimate success of capacity-building by IM4DC and others working in this field.

It has been a great privilege to work with so many people with shared goals and who are dedicated to achieving shared benefits from mining.