Message from the Director – Alumni Forum highlights impact for mining for development

The second annual IM4DC Alumni Forum in Brisbane this month provided strong, positive feedback from alumni that Australia’s mining for development activities are effective in building capability of developing countries to build strong and sustainable minerals and energy sectors that deliver lasting benefits to nations and communities.

Alumni case studies and workshop discussions underlined how Australia’s experience in sustainable mining, and its convening power, are enabling effective knowledge sharing between Australia and developing countries, and between developing countries.

Building capacity to host mining well and do well from mining is highly effective in delivering rapid and sustainable economic and social benefits to resource-rich countries. There are of course risks of uneven impacts and for certain groups in society, notably women and the poor, to be negatively impacted. But as the Forum heard, these risks can be better anticipated, recognised and managed in nations with sound mining governance.

The Forum heard from participants that IM4DC’s courses and collaborations with developing country institutions have helped to build training capacity of mines inspectors, local business participation in mining supply chains, better management of mine wastes, understanding of differential impacts on women and strategies to improve outcomes, and better environmental impact assessments.

As IM4DC enters the final year of initial funding, Alumni told us that we can be confident that Australia’s initiative to help improve governance of minerals and energy is already resulting in real benefit to our partner nations and their communities.