Message from the Director – Activity and impact as IM4DC moves towards wind-down

As IM4DC enters its final four months of activity, the months of March and April will be the most intense of our short history. No less than 10 short courses, study tours and workshops will be presented, plus the IM4DC Alumni Forum and Mining for Development Conference on 29 and 30 April. The following article, What’s on in March and April, summarises current activities.

By the time IM4DC concludes its program at the end of its funding agreement after three years and eight months, well over 2,500 participants will have attended more than 100 short courses and workshops in topics across the mining and development spectrum. Action Research, Institutional Linkages and IM4DC Fellowships will have added much to knowledge and capability in resource-rich developing countries.

Of course, IM4DC’s success is not measured simply by activity, but principally by impact. More than 1,500 IM4DC Alumni are now engaged in the on-line M4DLink community of practice, indicating the value they place in ongoing contact with expert Australian personnel and each other. IM4DC Highlights 2011-2014 available at: shows how IM4DC activities are having an impact in supporting developing countries to realise the value of their mineral and energy endowments to create stable and sustainable development outcomes for their nations and people.

The IM4DC Six Monthly Progress Report July – December 2014 at: reports in detail on activities for the first half on the financial year.

New research by the UWA Accelerated Learning Laboratory is indicating that participants are utilising knowledge gained through IM4DC to make changes to their own work, within their teams and to their institutions. There are also indicators of change to policy and practice in partner countries as a result of enhanced capacity from IM4DC interactions. The research reports will be loaded onto the IM4DC website soon.

The Mining for Development Conference in April ( will assess the success of capacity-building in mining governance to date. It will seek to answer the question of how the mining and development community enable shared value to deliver tangible benefits where they are needed most? The associated IM4DC Alumni Forum will utilise case studies from Alumni to derive recommendations about best approaches to be put to the conference.

I look forward to seeing many IM4DC Alumni and other stakeholders at the Conference and Alumni Forum at the end of April, and to reflecting on the outcomes of our partnerships.