The Mining for Development Conference 2015 took place on 30 April 2015 in Perth, Western Australia.

Featuring Alumni leaders who have graduated from the IM4DC short course, workshop and study tour programs, it provided a platform for emerging leaders to discern and highlight the benefits being realised from mining in their various mining, development and national working contexts.

A highlight of the Conference was the coming together of government ministers, mining executives, international agencies and leaders of mining and development policy across the developing world sharing their knowledge and experiences. It provided a forum to engage with key influencers and world leaders to address the theme of ‘Shared goals – realising benefits’.

The Conference empowered, engaged and celebrated participants, their goals and achievements. It explored strategies and approaches to empower women, grass-roots and organisations and community members to achieve change and realise the benefits from mining development.

Delegates were able to learn from women around the globe about what change is possible at the ‘Empowered Women in Mining’ Breakfast and related sessions at the Conference. They were given the opportunity to understand the linkages between mining and development, empowerment, share of voice, and a safe and sustainable community environment in creating effective partnerships, enabling and practical ‘on-the-ground’ solutions, to deliver long-term inclusive development benefits to developing countries and their communities.

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