Looking back and planning beyond IM4DC

The International Mining for Development Centre has just released its IM4DC Highlights 2011-2014: https://im4dc.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/IM4DC-Highlights-2011-to-2014.pdf which documents delivery and achievement during the first three years of the Centre’s operations. It contains many examples of how IM4DC and its partners have contributed to the capacity of people and institutions in developing countries to host mining well and do well from mining.

Several IM4DC alumni share their stories personally in short videos covering:


Latin America: and

the Pacific:

IM4DC will wind-up its activities in June 2015 at the end of the period of the grant agreement between the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the IM4DC host universities, The University and Western Australia (UWA) and The University of Queensland (UQ). DFAT is working to design a successor organisation to IM4DC and has indicated ongoing commitment to engaging with mining and energy governance. DFAT now supports or is planning a number of country and regional programs that seek to build mining governance capacity within partner nations.

UWA and UQ have formed the Extractives and Development Alliance to build on and broaden the work of IM4DC and its partner institutions. The universities aim to apply their reputations to this important area of work, to generate new knowledge, to continue to engage with partners working in similar contexts, and to realise outcomes for communities in emerging resource-based economies.

The Alliance will support partnerships and co-investment with developing countries, donor agencies and foundations, particularly those active in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

The Alliance will develop and expand the network of alumni and collaborative practitioners that has been developed under the auspices of IM4DC, and in the mining and development fields where the Alliance partners have a demonstrated track record of successful capacity-building.

Programs delivered through the Alliance will be grounded in rigorous research and underpinned by ethical and academic standards provided by university structures. The two host institutes of IM4DC – UWA’s Energy and Minerals Institute and UQ’s Sustainable Minerals Institute – have been heavily engaged in the global dialogue around resources and sustainable development for the last ten years, and have built leading reputations in this field.

Until June, IM4DC and its delivery partners in Australia and offshore will continue to be very active, delivering their busy program of activities to improve outcomes in mining for development.

The IM4DC team looks forward to meeting again with IM4DC Alumni and many of our partner organisations between now and June.