Infrastructure Forum for African countries

IM4DC will host a one day forum for African government officials in Brisbane on 20 March about infrastructure planning and delivery. The forum is part of the Mining for Development Infrastructure Study Tour being organised by the AusAID funded Australia Africa Partnerships Facility (AAPF).

The forum will examine planning, financing, delivery and operation of infrastructure (including community infrastructure) in resource regions in Australia, with particular reference to Queensland. It will be attended by participants from nine resource-rich African countries.

Poor infrastructure is a consistent problem across Africa, and for this reason the development of infrastructure to service resource corridors is a key component of implementing the African Union’s Mining Vision. It is in this context that African government officials from ministries of mines, transport, energy, planning, civil society and regional agencies involved in infrastructure development will participate in the study tour.

Participants will visit the Bowen Basin coal region, and mines, ports, cities and towns in the region, as well as having discussion with government and industry representatives in Brisbane.

The objectives of the study tour are to:

  • Provide an overview of the types of physical and human infrastructure that large mining operations require, including energy, water, roads, rail, ports, airports, regional planning and education/ training
  • Provide an understanding of the various financing models that can support government efforts to develop such infrastructure, including government funded, public-private partnerships and private investment models
  • Appreciate government roles in the development of mining infrastructure, including facilitating private sector investment and providing suitable regulatory, planning and community development frameworks.