IM4DC Gender Strategy

Extractive industries are a major source of revenue for many resource-rich economies around the world and are central to economic growth and social development. The full benefit of resources development can only be realised, however, if women and girls participate fully in all aspects of resources activity and consequent economic development and social progress. This requires that the principles of gender equality are embedded within policies and practices applied to resources and associated development.

IM4DC has adopted a Gender Strategy to guide its staff, delivery schools and centres, and other partners in integrating principles and practices of gender equality, inclusion and women’s economic empowerment within IM4DC’s operations and activities.

From the inception of IM4DC in October 2011, it has recognised that achieving sustainable mining for development outcomes requires that women’s participation and gender equality are integrated within IM4DC activities. IM4DC has presented many short courses and study tours that have addressed mining and gender issues within their curricula or as a focus. Overall, IM4DC activities have achieved 30 per cent female participation.

The IM4DC Management Board advocates continuous improvement by IM4DC and its delivery partners to promotion of gender equality. It notes DFAT’s three pillars of gender equality: promoting women’s voices, economic empowerment and ending gender-based violence.  IM4DC activities have, and will continue to address each of these.

This Gender Strategy provides a comprehensive checklist and toolkit for IM4DC personnel and those from the university schools and centres that deliver so much of the IM4DC program, as well as for our partner organisations globally. It will also help to guide organisations that deliver mining for development activities beyond the life of IM4DC.

IM4DC will report on the implementation of this Gender Strategy in its final Annual Report in the second half of 2015.

IM4DC’s Gender Strategy is available here