Where has IM4DC worked

im4dc-countriesDrawing on consultation with partners and informed by analysis of resources and policy potential, IM4DC prioritised countries for the services of the Centre. Focus countries include:

  • Asia-Pacific: Indonesia, The Philippines, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea
  • Africa: Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia
  • Latin America: Peru.

These focus countries comprise both countries where IM4DC has developed integrated programs since 2011 (Indonesia, Mongolia, Ghana, Zambia, Peru) and countries where it is establishing such programs (Mozambique, The Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania).

The selection of these countries has been based on a range of criteria, including mineral potential, policy potential, demonstrated demand and Australia’s strategic and investment interests.

IM4DC services many more countries by providing access to courses by participants from these countries and undertaking tailored activities in response to demand. This has included:

  • Asia-Pacific: 11 participating countries
  • Africa: 43 participating countries
  • Latin America: 11 participating countries.