IM4DC has supported developing countries to transform their extraction resource development into inclusive and sustainable economic and social development. The IM4DC approach has been to engage, develop and empower individuals to address challenges and influence achievement of development results. 

IM4DC Approach

Integrated Program

The IM4DC Program is an integrated portfolio of activities, with the core Short Course program supplemented by Fellowships, Action Research projects, Publications, and Alumni activities. Institutional collaborations occur across most activity categories. These components are designed to interact with, and reinforce each other and to build a critical mass of engagement to deliver impact in focus countries.

IM4DC’s integrated program of activities leverages Australia’s expertise across the mining development lifecycle. Its capacity building activities include:

  • Education and training
  • Information, research and analysis
  • Networks and partnerships.

These are aligned to IM4DC’s strategic program goals to achieve:

  • Implementation of well-designed national policy and regulatory frameworks
  • Alignment of mining-related economic activity with broad development objectives
  • Enhancement of governance capacity at local, sub-national and national levels
  • Improved processes used by industry and government stakeholders to engage with local communities
  • Enhanced capacity of stakeholders to understand and manage the environmental impacts of resources projects
  • Implementation of sound regulatory and management approaches for occupational health and safety in the resources sector.