IM4DC Alumni Day in Peru

More than 50 IM4DC Alumni and associates from Peru participated in the IM4DC Alumni Day in Lima on Monday 13 October 2014. The forum was presented in cooperation with Universidad del Pacifico.

Alumni from government, civil society, academia and industry heard keynote presentations and participated in interactive workshop discussions on the theme ‘Mining for development in Peru: challenges and responses’.

Keynote speakers, Hon Guillermo Shinno, Vice Minister of Mines, and Professor David Brereton, Deputy Director Research Integration, Sustainable Mining Institute at The University of Queensland set the scene with their presentations on challenges and responses in Peru and globally.

During the day, alumni were able to network and exchange ideas, share experiences, and report on implementation of return to work projects. IM4DC obtained feedback on the impact of IM4DC’s activities, with a view to facilitating new research and education collaborations, and strengthening existing partnerships.

The Alumni Day also offered an opportunity for alumni and other stakeholders in mining for development to provide recommendations on future mining for development capacity-building priorities and delivery modes.

During 2014-15 IM4DC has presented an Alumni Forum in Australia, the Alumni Day in Peru and will present Alumni Days in four other countries: Ghana, Mongolia, Zambia and Indonesia. In these and other focus countries, IM4DC has supported research, conducted courses, and built strong institutional links with local partners. These IM4DC focus countries have large networks of alumni.

From its inception, IM4DC has been active in Latin America and particularly in Peru, reflecting the very strong Peru-Australia linkages and Peru’s desire to develop leading practice in mining that delivers sustainable benefits to the nation and its people.