Gender and mining in Papua New Guinea – Symposium and workshop

During August, IM4DC will host a two-day symposium and workshop which will bring together staff and students from the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG), women and community leaders from resource operations in Papua New Guinea, and women working in the extractives industries, alongside other stakeholders in government and business.

To be held in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea on 7 and 8 August 2014, the purpose of this symposium is to raise awareness and understanding of how mining intersects with the lives of women, both in communities where mining takes place, and as it relates to women employed in the mining industry.

The over-arching objective is to engage a diverse range of stakeholders in PNG who are concerned with mining and gender issues. A key part of this is to engage gender specialists in country, particularly students of the Gender Studies and Anthropology Programs at UPNG.

The two-day symposium is designed to be inclusive, with a range of invited guest speakers from Australia and PNG and will include both presentations of case studies, as well as roundtable discussions and workshops involving all participants. The aim will be for participants to discuss and plan strategies for the improvement of the engagement of women with mine projects, based largely on current and future project experiences. New research on gender and the extractives industry will be presented, to hearing from those experiencing challenges on the ground, and to discuss new projects and ways forward.

Themes include:

  • Women and mining: How mining impacts the lives of women and affects gender dynamics
  • Women in mining: Opportunities for women in the mining sector.

Guest speakers will include Professor Polly Parker from The University of Queensland Business School, Ms Beverley Tamis from Bougainville Women’s Federation, and Ms Gabriela Love from Newcrest Mining Ltd.

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