Discussions with Peru on mining and sustainability

In late May 2014, IM4DC conducted a briefing for Peru parliamentarians on mining policy and how IM4DC is supporting Peru to develop a sustainable mining industry. The delegation was visiting Sydney as part of a study tour on mining and economic development, hosted by the Australian Government. 

IM4DC Director, Ian Satchwell, explained to the delegation that Peru was the hub for IM4DC activities in Latin America and that 145 Peruvians plus 40 others from Latin American countries had participated in courses, workshops and study tours during the 30 months of IM4DC ‘s operations. He briefly discussed leading practice in mining policy and governance. 

In both Perth and Sydney, personnel from IM4DC, The University of Western Australia and The University of Queensland met with Peru’s Vice Minister of Mines, Guillermo Shinno, in a series of meetings to discuss Australia’s support for skills development and sustainable mining in Perru. Talks focused on proposals for a Centre of Excellence in Mining, on education and training for both mining and petroleum, and IM4DC support for the efforts of the Government of Peru to build consensus between community, industry and government around resources development. 

The Vice Minister also met with several mining companies, the Australian Latin America Business Council, the WA Minister for Mines and Petroleum, Bill Marmion, his Director General Richard Sellers, Curtin University and Central Institute of Technology.