Course in Corporate Community Relationships

A course focused on Corporate Community Relationships and on how best to work with companies and communities will be presented by the IM4DC in October.

The four week program, scheduled to be held from 8 October to 2 November 2012 in Brisbane, will involve a group of 15 to 20 representatives from governments, civil society and academic institutions from around the world.

The program will acknowledge the complexity of issues surrounding the governance of mining projects and the many social challenges faced on the ground by all stakeholders.

Specifically, the program will have two objectives: firstly, to better understand international companies in the resource sector and the business imperative for establishing a “social license to operate” and secondly, to equip participants to better deal with complex community relations issues.

There will be a strong focus on issues of relevance to government and community stakeholders, and how social issues are being addressed by industry at local, national and international levels.

The program is designed to assist participants to develop knowledge and skills to identify and analyse community issues and to formulate appropriate responses to issues.

A strong emphasis will be placed on the participants own experience and context. Participants’ contributions will inform both the material presented and the design of the learning activities. The themes explored range from the global context of mining, development issues, policy, multi stakeholder collaborations and governance to specific issues such as local content and employment, gender impacts, resettlement and community engagement.

Classroom based activities, guest presentations, field trips, site visits and reflective activities are integrated into the program, as is the development and writing of the particpants’ return to work plan. An online virtual community of practice for participants will be launched with opportunities for participants to continue to collaborate after the program has ended.

The program is aimed at senior regulators with social and community responsibility in the area of resource management, academics with a similar focus and civil society participants with social and community responsibilit y in the area of resource management.

It will enable participants to gain a better understanding of, and ability to develop, manage and monitor resource governance issues relating to corporate community relationships in the mining sector in their country; and appreciate some of the communication issues that can arise when engaging with internal and external stakeholders, as well as identify strategies  for engaging with such groups.

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