Australian universities take centre stage at global Mining for Development Conference

The International Mining for Development Centre (IM4DC), will host some of the world’s leading authorities in sustainable and mining governance at the 2013 Mining for Development Conference in Sydney 20-21 May.

The Energy and Minerals Institute at UWA and the Sustainable Minerals Institute at UQ, which hosts the Centre are part of an extensive worldwide network that includes academic institutions, government agencies, NGO’s, private industry and community groups that are focused on building integrity in governance and sustainable development through transfer of world-leading knowledge to developing countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. 

IM4DC Director Ian Satchwell said the Conference will offer an unparalleled opportunity to conduct a global conversation with people from every field of interest in development outcomes from good mining sector governance. 

“Through our collaborations with Australia’s universities and research institutions we are harnessing the intellectual capital in this country to increase the skill levels of key personnel within governments, universities and civil society organisations in developing countries. This will build strong global recognition of Australia’s expertise and contribution in mining governance, technology, operational excellence, and education and training. 

“We are also demonstrating Australia’s willingness to openly share all it has learned on its mining journey over the past 150 years – encouraging others to avoid pitfalls and to embrace the socio-economic benefits of transparent governance, and sustainable and inclusive policies and practices,” said Mr Satchwell.

Since its inception in October 2011, IM4DC has delivered 30 courses, workshops and study tours to more than 900 people from 36 developing countries. 

Of the 600 delegates attending the M4D Conference, from 69 countries there are IM4DC alumni who have participated in these courses and study tours and who will provide follow up case studies and an opportunity to discuss the ongoing implementation of what they have learnt. 

Dr Besa Bunda, Lecturer, University of Zambia is one such alumnus. Having completed the Life of Mine Management course in 2012 Dr Bunda has in turn, with the assistance of IM4DC initiated and implemented the same training course back in Zambia. 

Also attending the Conference is Professor Ali Munawar, Professor of Soil Science, University of Bengkulu, Indonesia. Professor Munawar attended the Australian Mine Closure Study Tour in 2012 and has since gained recognition in his own country as an authority on this subject having been officially invited by the Office of Energy and Mineral Resources to discuss a planned mine closure in Bengkulu, the first of its kind in the province.