Alumni Forum 2015

IM4DC hosted an Alumni Forum on 29 April 2015 in Perth, Western Australia. Discussions explored topics under the over-arching theme, ‘Shared goals – realising benefits’.

Alumni Representative, Patricia Musingura Nduru, Director Monitoring and Inspection, Uganda Human Rights Commission, gave the opening remarks. Patricia challenged alumni to become “future leaders not content with the status quo” as she emphasised the importance of human rights in relation to mining. She referred to the “countless IM4DC alumni initiatives” as “consistent drops that will inevitably cause a ripple of change” with the potential to ultimately influence policy, legislation and implementation.

Patricia said the Alumni Forum provided an opportunity to engage with those who determine the course of the mining industry and she reiterated the power of collaboration to bring about change.

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Alumni Forum 2014

IM4DC hosted an Alumni Forum on 14 and 15 July 2014 for 88 alumni, plus personnel from universities, NGOs and industry. Held at The University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus in the new Advanced Engineering Building, the Forum involved representatives from 23 countries around the world.

It was a stimulating two days with IM4DC and Australia Awards alumni, gathered in Brisbane to share their insights and knowledge, review the current IM4DC program and activities and their country activities, and consider the challenges and opportunities ahead for building mining for development capacity in their home countries.

This year’s Forum, with the theme of ‘Leadership. Collaboration. Governance’, was designed to be thought-provoking and challenging with input from alumni, 19 of whom acted as facilitators during the Forum.

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Alumni Forum 2013

IM4DC hosted an Alumni Forum on 22 May 2013 for 70 alumni from 18 participating countries, following the Mining for Development Conference in Sydney, Australia.

The Alumni Forum began with a welcome from Mr James Gilling, First Assistant Director General, Australian Aid, who said mining for development alumni represented a force for considerable change within countries they worked.

“Your capacity, your insights, your quality, will have a big influence on how things turn out in your countries,” said Mr Gilling, who urged alumni to build a habit of sharing information and ideas.

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