Short course on Regional Development and Mining

In March, IM4DC will run a three week short course focused on Regional Development and Mining. The course will involve representatives from governments, academic institutions and civil society from various countries

The program will focus on regional development and regional governance and how communities can enhance the economic and social aspects of mining. It will give explicit consideration to: regional investment; employment generation; enterprise development; local firm integration into resource projects; infrastructure and service development; landholder management and regional governance.

The primary aims of the program are to:

  • Review the global, national and regional framework of mining and its relationship to development
  • Examine aspects of macro-economics and economic diversification
  • Explore political and governance complexities of mining sector activities
  • Assess employment generation, skills development and labour migration
  • Investigate business development fostered by co-operation between mining companies and local private businesses
  • Analyse social and economic aspects of sustainable mining activities
  • Appraise the environmental impacts of mining and the consequences for sustainable regional development
  • Consider the challenges facing mining-led development with respect to regional development, poverty reduction and the development of indigenous communities.

A strong emphasis will be placed on the following core topics:

  • The framework of mining and development
  • The macro-economic context of mining
  • The political context of mining and the need for governance
  • Mining, employment generation and labour migration
  • Business formation and linkages; mining companies participation in regional development
  • The social dimensions of mining and regional development
  • The environmental dimensions of mining and regional development
  • Economic and social infrastructure
  • Mining and uneven regional development.

The course will be held in Perth and regional Western Australia. One week of the program will consist of field trips to mine sites in Kalgoorlie and the South-West and a visit to a port of Albany. Case studies will be presented throughout the course, including guest presentations from industry representatives and academics working in the field of regional development. Participants will be introduced to various mining databases and utilities statistics. In addition, a review and planning workshop will be held to identify follow-up activities for participants to apply in their own contexts.