Mining for Development Fellowship – Afghanistan Program

Commencing in March, IM4DC will run a 12 week course on Mining for Development, tailor-made for six participants from the Ministry of Mines within the Government of Afghanistan.

The particpants are the first IM4DC ‘Mining for Development Fellows’.

The course will commence at The University of Western Australia (UWA), Perth. Two weeks will be spent in Kalgoorlie at the Western Australian School of Mines, Curtin University and two weeks at The University of Queensland (UQ). Additionally, the Ministry of Mines officials will attend the upcoming Mining for Development Conference hosted by IM4DC and the EITI Global Conference in Sydney, both of which will be held in May.

The program aims to explain the logic and science behind governance and technical practice in the Australian mining sector. This information will enable participants to critically analyse current Australian practices, compare with other information that they hold and assess its applicability to Afghanistan. This knowledge will help to underpin policy formulation and future decision-making by the participants in their senior roles with the Ministry of Mines within the Government of Afghanistan.

The course will provide participants with an extensive overview and knowledge of Australian mining governance and technical practices from exploration to mine closure and rehabilitation for officials from the Ministry of Mines.

Topics include mineral titles, approvals, legislative frameworks, data mining, royalties, economic development regimes, mineral economics, geotechnical risk management, occupational health and safety, environmental regulation and management, to projects and production, land access and community engagement.

The course will provide both classroom and practical, workplace-based learning with universities, state government departments and chamber of industry. Field trips will enable participants to observe on-the-ground application of Australian practice. Participants will be able to observe the work of government and company staff and obtain hands-on practical experience.

The Mining for Development Fellowship – Afghanistan Program will take place from 25 March to 14 June 2013.