IM4DC Highlights 2011-2014

IM4DC supports developing nations

In partnership with the Australian Government through an Australian Aid initiative, The University of Western Australia and The University of Queensland have established the International Mining for Development Centre (IM4DC) to assist in lifting the quality of life in developing nations through a more sustainable use of mineral and energy resources.

IM4DC commenced operations in October 2011 to assist in improving incomes, employment, enterprise opportunities and life outcomes for people in rural and urban areas of developing countries.

IM4DC facilitates establishment of world class mining industries to boost overall economic development.

The benefits of the work of IM4DC for developing nations are realised principally through increased skill levels of key personnel within government, universities, research institutions and civil society organisations to bring about:

  • Improved policies and practices in the governance and management of extractive industries and their interactions with society and the environment
  • Improved legislative frameworks
  • Improved knowledge of a country’s resources base
  • An ability to continue to build local capacity in minerals governance and mining.

Download the IM4DC highlights report here

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